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Botox: an anti-wrinkle and antiperspirant treatment

Botox is the commercial name for botulinum toxin, which works by controlling micro-muscular tensions. To smooth out forehead wrinkles and refresh tired-looking eyes, Botox injections provide subtle results. This treatement can also be used to treat excessive sweating (hyperhidrosis).

Botulinum toxin

Treatment intended for both women and men

Facial rejuvenation is gradually visible and the results are actually noteworthy.

Botox injections for hyperhidrosis need to be repeated approximately every 6 months.

What is Botox?

Discovery of the Botox

The Carruthers, a Canadian couple formed by an ophthalmologist and a dermatologist, highlighted the exceptional effect of Botox in treating forehead wrinkles, the lion’s wrinkle and the crow’s feet lines.

Being an ophthalmologist, Dr. Carruthers used Botox to treat blepharospasm, an eyelid condition. While observing the obtained results, his wife noticed that patients treated with Botox injections had less wrinkles.

How was the aesthetic role of Botox in treating facial wrinkles discover ?

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