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Dr Laurence Benouaiche Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery in Paris

For adults and children

I am a plastic and aesthetic surgeon in Paris. My practice is located on rue de Solférino, at the Clinique de la Muette and at the Hôpital privé d’Antony. I operate on young children with congenital malformations (cleft lip and palate, giant nevi) at the Rothschild Foundation Hospital.

I’m a recognized expert in aesthetic medical care, and perform all types of aesthetic surgery for beautification and rejuvenation of the adult face and body. I train colleagues and share my expertise at international conferences.

I have always combined basic research with surgery to achieve optimal reconstruction of facial deformities in children.

At the cutting edge of research and innovation, my practice uses the most advanced equipment to serve patients.

Surgery & Aesthetic Medicine

A wide variety of surgical and medical aesthetic techniques are available for both the face and the body – Men and Women

Breasts play an important role in a woman’s equilibrium.

Eyelid surgery gives the eyes a more relaxed, rested appearance.

This technique visibly reduces sagging in the main facial areas.

Smooth forehead wrinkles, enlarge and refresh the eyes, with a very natural result.

Or how to correct fatty deposits to refine your figure…

Pediatric surgery

Reconstructive and plastic surgery for infants, children and adolescents.

Cleft lip and palate or cleft lip and lip is a frequent congenital morphological defect.

After surgical removal of a nevus or mole, the loss of substance must be covered. There are several techniques…

Otoplasty is a surgical procedure that can be performed on adults from the age of 6.

News in cosmetic medicine and surgery

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