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Washing your hands several times a day damages and dries out the skin.


VOLITE is a hyaluronic acid from Allergan’s VYCROSS range. This treatment is ideal for hydrating the face, neck, cleavage and hands.

6 to 9 months hydration

During the cold season, VOLITE can treat skin dryness. Just before summer, it allows for skin protection from sunlight. Its effects can last 6 to 9 months, versus 1 month for regular products.

This product is a powerful hydrating hyaluronic acid that doesn’t provide volume but instantly plumps and hydrates the skin of the face, décolleté, neck, and hands.

Your skin does not become oily

In addition to its long lasting effect, VOLITE can rehydrate while maintaining high-quality skin that does not become oily.

As a surgeon, I know that frequent and prolonged hand washing can be a real issue for the skin. VOLITE is a real solution for died out hands.

Some of my patients have already had the pleasure of discovering it at my practice. I have indeed been invited to use it in early access, as an Expert Consultant and trainer for doctors on behalf of Allergan laboratory. The commercialization of Volite started in January 2017.

Launch event in Paris

Here are some photos from the VOLITE launch event in Paris. Accompanied by two other experts, we performed injection techniques of this hyaluronic acid on the face, cheeks, lower eyelid wrinkles, neck, cleavage and the hands.

A Premiere demonstration of VOLITE, a hyaluronic acid made for skin hydration, in the presence of surgeons and experts, including Dr. Laurence Benouaiche.

Volite, a wonder product for dry hands, ideal for winter time.
Volite: Injection technique for skin hydration on the face during Allergan’s product’s launch event in Paris.
Volite, from Allergan’s Vycross technology: Injection technique for neck skin hydration.

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