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My approach of aesthetic medicine is to embellish women in accordance to their requests while attaining a natural and elegant result.

hyaluronic acid injections in the lips

Injections of hyaluronic acid in the lips are intended to plump them up, increase their volume, and redefine their shape.

Plumping lips up

Over time, lips lose their volume, become thinner and their definition deteriorates.

Patients usually notice that when they experience a smudging lipstick.
In addition, the lip skin is very fragile. It endures the tensions created by facial expressions such as smiling, sadness and speech, as well as hot and cold temperatures, not to mention tobacco.

If they’re not properly hydrated or protected from the sun, they age prematurely.


For young patients, the goal is to define the lip contour and add volume to the red part of the lips to soften and feminize the face. Young women regain the pleasure of putting lipstick on.

For more mature patients, we aim to rejuvenate the mouth area by:

  • Redefining the lip contour
  • Plumping the lower lip up to volumize it, smooth out fine lines and improve mouth symmetry
  • Reshaping the philtrum or Cupid’s bow area (on the upper lip).
  • Injecting the corners (commissures) to give a positive appearance to the shape of the mouth

Hyaluronic acid injections in the mouth area will:

  • Remove the severity of thin lips
  • Get rid of the negative aspect a sagging mouth
  • Restore definition to this area and improve profile.

Duration of results: 12 to 15 months

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Mouth harmony

Did you know that hyaluronic acid is the star molecule of aesthetic medicine?

Naturally present in the dermis and mucous tissue such as the lips, its quantity decreases from the age of 25.

This can quickly give a sad look with a falling mouth, which is a particularly important part of the overall aspect of the face and its expressions.

Hyaluronic acid injections correct the severe aspect of lips that thinned down over time, plump up the red lip to restore volume, and also smooth out fine lines andimprove mouth symmetry.

During the appointment, I observe my patients while they speak and smile. I evaluate the proportions of their face, nose, chin and cheeks, and I adjust the shape and volume of the lips for better harmony.

By injecting the right product in the right proportion, the result is natural and elegant, lasting for 12 to 15 months.

Achieve natural results

My approach to aesthetic medicine is to embellish women by listening to their requests, while seeking a natural and elegant result.

I have had the pleasure to hear patients tell me that they were more beautiful after being injected at 50 than they ever were at 20.

Lips injected with hyaluronic acid and natural-look can perfectly coexist. Lips that look like ducks or those of certain actresses, which are often criticized when they are over-injected or with excessively dense or non-resorbable products, are not the norm.Sometimes it is the patient’s request, and too often it is the result of practitioners who have not been cautious with the amounts of products used.

Advantages of hyaluronic acid for lip plumping

Hyaluronic acid is the star molecule of aesthetic medicine. Naturally produced in the dermis and mucous tissue like lips, its quantity starts reducing when we turn 25. Its hygroscopic properties (water retention) are no longer guaranteed, causing the dermis and mucous membranes to become dehydrated, wrinkled, and then sag.

The injectable hyaluronic acid used in aesthetic medicine is synthetic. When injected under the skin or in the lower lip, it helps reshape and volumize the lips with a natural-looking result.

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