Medical and cosmetic surgery rates

The fees for the main cosmetic surgery and aesthetic medicine procedures, given below as an indication, include the full cost of the procedure: fees for the surgeon, anesthetist and operating assistant, hospitalization and operating room fees, and possibly the price of implants for the materials used. Dr Benouaiche provides personal follow-up care.

VAT on cosmetic surgery and medicine is 20%. A personalized quotation will be provided after the first consultation.

Aesthetic medicine

Prices for beautifying and rejuvenating treatments of the face, neck, décolleté and hands.
During the consultation, we build a therapeutic project for beautification and rejuvenation. An estimate is then drawn up based on the patient’s needs.

Price of an injection session

Cost of a Botox session from €400
Cost of a hyaluronic acid session from €400
Rates for treatment of hyperhidrosis from €500

Price of a tensor thread application

Prices for APTOS absorbable tensor threads from €2,000
Thread and Lift permanent thread prices from €3,500

Cost of a mesotherapy session

Prices for hair mesotherapy from €100
Fees for mesotherapy of the face and hands from €120
Prices for slimming mesotherapy from €150

Price of a cryolipolysis session

Cryolipolysis fees for two body areas from €400

Price of EMSculpt® sessions

Single session from €200
Price for 6 sessions from €1,200
Rate for 6 maintenance sessions from €800

Price of a PRP session

PRP rate for hair treatment from €350

Price of an Oxygénéo session

Rates for facial skin treatment from €150

Cosmetic surgery

The price of a cosmetic surgery procedure includes all services performed at the Hôpital Privé d’Antony or Clinique de la Muette (operating room and room charges), as well as the surgeon’s and anesthetist’s fees.

At the end of the consultation, a detailed estimate is given to the patient, indicating the type of procedure, where it will be performed and the overall cost.
Procedures for purely aesthetic purposes are not covered by the Assurance Maladie.

Price of facial surgery (on estimate)

Blepharoplasty fees: upper eyelids from €2,500
Blepharoplasty fees: lower eyelids from €2,500
4-eyelid tariff from €4,000
Cost of a facelift from €6,500
Rates for rhinoplasty from €5,000
Tariff for enophthalmic surgery (lipofilling) from €3,500

Price of tummy tuck and body contouring surgery (on estimate)

Abdominoplasty price list from €5,000
Cost of an arm lift from €4,000
Cost of a thigh lift from €4,000
Rates for liposuction or lipoaspiration from €3,000

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