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After Botox injections, never massage the forehead nor the eye wrinkles.


Botulinum toxin prevents the movements of the muscles responsible for wrinkles by inhibiting their contraction.

This medication takes effect within 3 to 8 days. Once the muscle is at rest, the wrinkle has enough time to heal: the movement is possible again and the wrinkle is less pronounced. The tissues have healed.

With Botox injections, aging effects are progressively dimmed. This is quite noticeable.

Patients look rested, relaxed, and their surroundings may not necessarily know what has been done.

How does a Botox injection proceed?

This drug needs to be used with caution. First of all, I ensure that there are medical contraindications, and we check if patients avoided taking any aspirin or non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID) during the week before the procedure, as these may lead to the appearance of bruises. Then, I examine the look of the patient’s gaze and proceed with the injections.

This usually doesn’t involve anesthesia, but some more sensitive patients may apply some analgesic cream one hour before the injections. Occasionally, we can use nitrous oxide, an anesthetic gas, to help patients relax.

After the injections, it is important not to massage the forehead or the eye wrinkles, as this might lead to displacing the product, which has been placed precisely to block the action of specific muscles.

I schedule a follow-up appointment with the patient 15 days later to assess the need for any touch-ups.

Botox injections should typically be performed once or twice a year. Over time, the muscle gets thinner and weaker, allowing for longer intervals between sessions.

Use cases of Botox on the face

1 – Forehead wrinkles
2 – Glabellar lines Glabellar lines ( lines between the eyes)
3 – Crow’s feet (wrinkles around the eyes)
4 – Bunny Lines (wrinkles on the side of the nose)
5 – Lifting the tip of the nose
6 – Perioral wrinkles (mitigation)
7 – Chin sagging (correction)
8 – Neck and cleavage wrinkles
9 – Nefertiti Lift (skin sagging on the neck and contour of the chin).


How much time will the effects of Botox last? And why…

Forehead wrinkles: before/after Botox injections

Botox, the ultimate tool to treat facial wrinkles … for men and women!
With these injections, I can diminish the appearance of wrinkles in various areas you wish to rejuvenate. We use Botox for:

    • the forehead wrinkles and frown lines (lion’s wrinkles)
    • Crow’s feet wrinkles
    • The overall look of the eyes

Between 3 to 8 days after the injections, the results are visible and natural.

For instance, here is an example where you can see a comparison of the forehead wrinkles before and after Botox injections.

Frown lines: before/after Botox injections

The frown line, also known as the “lion’s wrinkle,” is one of the most well-known wrinkles, and for good reason: it dulls the appearance and, along with the glabellar lines, gives a stressed, angry, and tense look.

It’s important not to confuse the horizontal frown line with the vertical glabellar lines for which you also visit our clinic. These appear over time and are caused by natural facial expressions.

To smooth the aspect of the wrinkles, Botox is indicated to put at rest the muscles responsible for this “frowning” expression.

Following the injections, the wrinkle groove will heal, so that at the end of the treatment’s duration, the wrinkle is less deep than before.

Crow’s feet lines: before/after Botox injections

30 year old woman

Crow’s feet wrinkles are also known as “laugh lines” and are considered charming, especially on male faces. They appear when we smile, but they are also an aging sign that is less accepted in women.

As an expression line, it tends to become more and more visible over time and definitively mark the skin. After some time, they become visible even at rest.

To reduce this folded aspect of your expression, we can perform botulinum injections that will relax the eye muscles.

For a natural outcome, the intensity of the treatment can be adjusted.
The goal is to achieve the typical number of wrinkles for a specific age: none to one at 25 years old, two at 35 years old, and two or three at forty.

The aim is also to prevent the worsening of the wrinkle’s mark on the skin at rest, avoiding the skin from breaking with every smile.

In this before/after example, it features a 30-year-old woman who was bothered by these premature wrinkles. When injecting, I aim to preserve the expressions as if she were 25 years old. We achieve the appearance of a smile without the wrinkles.

Crow’s feet wrinkles (before/after Botox)s

40 year old woman

The eye wrinkles, that appear progressively, quickly become obvious signs of aging. Also known as crow’s feet lines, they appear while aging.

As the skin ages, collagen fibers deteriorate, and the muscle contraction that encircles the eyelids and closes the eye causes a break in the skin.

Initially, this wrinkle only appears when we make an expression, making it a dynamic wrinkle. As time goes on, these wrinkles become visible even at rest, which we refer to as static wrinkles.

Here, you can see how the wrinkles have been dimmed. These time grooves have been flattened with Botox injections.

After Botox injections

The results of the procedure take a few days to settle in. The final outcome is achieved within 15 days.

The eyebrows get apart from the center of the face and are slightly lifted to give your expression a younger look. The crow’s lines are noticeably reduced and can completely disappear, even while smiling.

The objective is a natural result, smoothed but not frozen. A relaxed and rested look.

Effects of Botox

The effects of Botox last for 4 and a half months precisely, but the aspect usually lasts for 6 months to one year, because the muscles of the forehead and eyebrows are less contracted).

As the effects improve with time, the next injections can be performed a lot later.

Medical advice before and after a Botox injection

Do not use aspirin nor NSAID during the week before and after the procedure.
During the first 4 hours following the procedure, it’s recommended to avoid:

  • any rubbing, pressure or massage on the treated area so that product won’t circulate outside the specified area
  • entering a sauna
  • wearing a helmet or have a blow-dry
  • leaning forward

If the product gets to the upper eyelid, it may cause heaviness. An antidote is available in such cases and can be prescribed immediately.

Before/After Videos: Botox Injection Sessions

Crow’s Feet Wrinkles

Dr. Laurence Benouaiche discusses botulinum toxin or Botox (Vistabel). Two patients share their experiences. Dr. Benouaiche explains the benefits of treating crow’s feet wrinkles with Botox and demonstrates the injections on these patients.

Look rejuvenation without surgery

Botulinum toxin injections can help erase facial wrinkles: forehead lines, frown lines, crow’s feet, and also open and rejuvenate your gaze while relaxing the upper part of your face

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