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Easy, quick and less painful than a surgical lifting, tensor threads-based facial lifting reshapes the oval of the face. The result is natural and discreet, and the collagen production is boosted.


When should we consider having Silhouette Soft threads placed? How does the procedure work? Here is an overview of this quick and non-invasive rejuvenation method.

An aesthetic surgery free facelift

Complementary to Botox and hyaluronic acid injections, Silhouette Soft® tensor threads reshape the facial contour while stimulating collagen synthesis. These resorbable threads are placed under the skin, specifically around the jawline, neck and eyebrows.

For optimal and long-lasting results, I advise my patients to combine thread lifting with injections. Botox and/or hyaluronic acid restructure the volumes while the Silhouette Soft® threads reorganize tissues, effectively treating skin sagging due to aging. Effects can be visible right after the procedure. The features look naturally smoothed, and the cheekbones are subtly lifted up. The eyes open up and the complexion gets brighter.

Technique for placing Silhouette Soft® resorbable threads

Threads with cones are inserted beneath the skin to improve the facial contour and reduce jowls. These threads are Silhouette Soft threads and are resorbable within 12 months.

Achieve a younger-looking face in 30 minutes

The placement of Silhouette Soft® threads is a non-surgical facial technique performed in my medical practice, on Solférino Street in Paris.

Local anesthesia is sufficient for this minimally invasive procedure. There are no incisions or scars: the sutures are placed 3-5 mm below the skin using a fine needle.

The tensor thread (also known as suspension threads or barbed threads) is held in place by bidirectional resorbable cones. In just 30 minutes, your face gets its shape back, wrinkles diminish, and the skin becomes smoother. The rejuvenating effects of Silhouette Soft threads are optimal after 3 to 6 weeks and can last up to 18 months (until complete absorption of the polylactic acid threads by the body).

When can we have Silhouette Soft tensor threads placed?

I recommend this rejuvenation procedure to both male and female patients starting from 45. This is when cheekbones start sagging, the facial contour begins to loosen and the nasolabial fold appears prominent. The placement of Silhouette Soft threads is a reliable and rapid non-surgical rejuvenation technique. It delays the need for a surgical cervicofacial lift performed under general anesthesia.

A natural collagen booster

Another advantage of the Silhouette Soft® tensor threads is their boosting action. As it is made of polylactic acid (PLA), a biodegradable polymer that improves collagen production,a protein necessary for maintaining facial firmness. By acting on the deeper layers of the skin, the Silhouette Soft® tensor threads contribute to the gradual and natural remeshing of the facial contours.

Silhouette Soft revival

A bit of history

Rejuvenating the face by mobilizing sagging skin tissues upwards without resorting to surgery is an age-old strategy. Gold threads were already used for this purpose in ancient Egyptian times. Since the late 19th century, gold, and later other materials such as horsehair and silk, were experimented with by the inventive surgeon, Dr. Conrad.

From the 1930s, smooth surgical threads were used for suspension, and in the 1960s, the innovative principle of barbs was introduced by Dr. Alcamo. Only 40 years later, Dr. Buncke (1997) and Dr. Sulazamide (2001) developed techniques based on the use of bidirectional barbed threads (APTOS).

The optimization of threads then led to the search for better anchoring, achieved by using resorbable cones instead of barbs (Silhouette lift 2006), and finally by choosing to implant a completely resorbable material (Silhouette Soft 2010). The properties of the latter were the tissue traction, but also the stimulation of collagen synthesis. Silhouette Soft® tensor threads were approved by the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) in 2015.

The implementation of tensor threads does not replace the surgical face and neck lifting. However, it allows for a simple and effective maintenance of a satisfactory appearance for the patient for a longer period. Tensor threads are often proposed as a means to maintain the results of a facelift over time.

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