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Bottom and abdomen lipofilling: for a well-defined silhouette

Weight variations have a significant impact on lipofilling.

Lipofilling can help you regain a harmonious and proportionate silhouette.

Lipofilling is a technique that involves filling certain parts of the body with autologous fat grafts. This means that fat will be taken directly from the patient’s body, minimizing the risk of rejection. This technique is also used to increase breasts volume.

What can you expect from a bottom lipofilling?

Targeted lipofilling can be performed specifically on the bottom. This technique can achieve very satisfying results without the use of implants.

This procedure allows for:

  • Increasing bottom volume
  • Reshaping the bottom
  • Toning and firming sagging bottom

To achieve optimal results, the plastic surgeon harvests fat from areas of the body that allow for reshaping of the lower back, such as the hips or the saddlebags. It is also possible to perform liposuction on another area of the body where excess fat is present.

Following this surgical procedure, the bottom regains a rounded curve and another area of the body, such as the abdomen, will be restructured and refined.

To determine the most suitable method, the plastic surgeon will inquire about your preferences and lifestyle during your initial consultation, including physical activity and any plans for pregnancy etc…

How is a buttom lipofilling performed?

This intervention is performed under general or local anesthesia and usually takes between 2.5 to 3 hours, depending on the amount of transferred fat.

First, the donor site is carefully determined, and small incisions are made to harvest the necessary amount of fat. Then, the fat is centrifuged and purified before being reinjected.

And after the procedure?

It is important to note that this procedure generally involves significant pain and can cause swelling and bruising, which will disappear after about ten days. During the month following the surgery, it is advised to sleep on the stomach.
A special compression garment that does not compress the buttocks and a small cushion for sitting are necessary for a smooth recovery.

The result is immediately visible, but it will be definitive about 1 month after the procedure.

It is also possible to combine bottom lipofilling with implants. This can achieve a very natural appearance and smooth out the “orange peel” texture.

Before proceeding, take the time to discuss with your aesthetic surgeon.

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