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The MD Codes protocol is adapted to each face and each stage of aging.


When a patient seeks cosmetic medicine treatment, he or she already has an idea of what needs to be corrected. A particular wrinkle, the frown line or the nasolabial folds for example, is thought to give the patient a sad or aged look.

However, if the doctor responds to the initial request and removes that wrinkle or fold, the result is not satisfying. That’s because the issue lies elsewhere.

A patient in harmony with his positive expressions

Would you rather have a smooth forehead but still look tired and sad or have some wrinkles and look good and rested? This is a question I often ask my patients.

My job is to identify the negative message conveyed by the patient’s facial features and the underlying anatomical causes. Oftentimes, the patient’s request is unrelated to the identified cause. Even if their request must be met, I frequently advise starting the treatment of the face with a different approach that will be more effective and visible.

The emotional dimension in the consultation

The first consultation in aesthetics is essential. It is an important moment to know the real motivations of the patient. Indeed, the doctor must understand the patient’s deepest request.

There is a distinction between what the patient wants and what he actually feels.

First, the patient expresses his or her desire. The doctor’s role is to ask the patient three priorities. For example, erasing dark circles, nasolabial folds, frown lines, etc. Then the doctor will try to find out the more global motivations between appearing:

  • less tired
  • less slackened
  • happier
  • prettier
  • plus belle
  • more feminine
  • thinner

When conducting a global analysis of the face from a medical perspective, I particularly take into account the emotional dimension: my goal is to erase negative emotions and restore the positive ones.

In conclusion, enhances facial emotions, produces a natural result while respecting the balance and harmony of the face.

Hyaluronic acid injections in MD Codes

It is scientifically possible to slow down the aging process.

The injections performed within the framework of the MD Codes have an essential role in slowing down facial aging. These MD Codes were developed and thought out by a world-renowned Brazilian plastic surgeon: Mauricio Di Maio. His extensive surgical experience and in-depth knowledge of anatomy enabled him to elaborate a natural approach to facial treatment. This protocol can be customized according to each patient’s individual needs and the stage of their aging process.

Taking into account bony relief, fatty compartments, vascular and nervous structures, Mauricio Di Maio has defined 75 possible injection points on the face. Each of these points is associated with a precise indication : filling, supporting, relaxing or lifting action.

The entire face is coded: the forehead, cheekbones and temples, cheeks, valley of tears, lips, nasolabial folds, jaw, bitterness folds, chin, mandibular angles.

For each of these 75 injection points:

  • Depending on the desired effect (lifting or volumizing), the hyaluronic acid may differ.
  • The injected volume as well as the depth of injection differ according to each patient’s needs. For example, a 40-year-old patient will not have the same needs as a 60 year old patient.
  • The MD Codes technique can be performed with a cannula or a needle.

This technique is based on the use of Allergan’s VYCROSS range and I perform it with these products.

Mauricio de Maio and the staff of Allergan trainers present in Paris (2017).
Dr. De Maio with Dr. Benouaiche at the #MDCODESPARIS2017

Results obtained with the MD Codes

The MD Codes technique aims to restructure the face and not simply fill in wrinkles. By working on the foundations, we restore a better support for the face. This way, we focus on addressing the cause of aging rather than just the symptoms.

Proportional and adapted volumes, plumped up lips, enlarged look : MD Codes technique helps to age gracefully.
Furthermore, this technique can also correct structural defects such as a nose bump or a receding chin for example. These structural defects explain why a particular area of the face may age prematurely compared to another.

The technique of MD Codes is not only a medical approach but also an artistic touch.

Hyaluronic acids and Botox are used in measured amounts through precise injections, so we can effectively counteract the signs of aging and achieve a medical facelift.

In consultation, after having sought the real motivations of the patient and decided with him/her on the positive emotions to be recovered, I propose a customized treatment plan.

The injections can be done in one session or in several.

By accurately anticipating the amount of hyaluronic acid required per area and knowing that these products have a long shelf life, it is possible to perform the treatment over several sessions spaced out over a few months. The hyaluronic acids injected in the previous session will still be in place, having already halted the aging process.

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