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Face and body tensor threads

Recommended for women and men between 35 and 70 years old, this technique visibly reduces the sagging of most parts of the face: facial contour, cheekbones, nasolabial folds, jowls, lip corners and eyebrows.

True alternative to surgical facelifts, this technique provides long-lasting and natural reductions of signs of aging. For an optimal rejuvenation, we can combine tensor thread lifting with blepharoplasty or botulinum injections (Botox).

Thread lifts deliver excellent results in the treatment of facial skin sagging.
I also use them on the knees, arms, bottom or abdomen, and the results are quite satisfying.

However, these areas require a significant number of threads, making it a costly procedure.

As I’m looking for the best value for my patients, I often opt for a safe surgical procedure for these areas, ensuring their well-being and a known positive outcome.


Surgery-free lift with a natural outcome (for men and women)

A range of resorbable and non-resorbable threads that are very efficient.

Tensor threads that are held by resorbable bidirectional cones.

A range of non-resorbable threads for a reversed aging.

Many women look at themselves in the mirror and can’t help but pull their faces upward, wishing that this little sagging disappeared.

This progressively appears with time and age. And they wonder where that perfect oval from their youth has gone?

As time goes by, the face loses its firmness and begins to sag with a loss of facial contour, particularly in the neck area.

The face contour, the neck and the cleavage have been set aside by aesthetic medicine for a long time. But today, doctors have a more holistic approach to facial treatments.

If you wish for a nice and neat neck and a perfect facial contour, you should know that there are solutions that won’t necessarily involve surgery. This technique is called: absorbable and permanent thread lifts.

After a complete analysis of your face, your doctor will advise you accordingly. The younger we are, the more effective the bio-stimulating effects of absorbable threads become, making them more appealing.

Discuss this with your doctor, and they’ll come up with a tailored to your needs. The results are immediate and last 18 months with resorbable threads, or 5 to 10 years with non-resorbable threads. Once the treatment is performed, avoid saunas, sports or high heat for a few days.

Resorbable tensor threads

They will retighten the skin and give a lifting effect, but they will also stimulate collagen production.

I will insert the threads one by one under the skin of the cheek with a cannula, so there will be only one entry point. The objective is to get through in one way and then in the other to create a mesh-like structure that supports and tightens the skin.

This technique can be performed at the practice and takes about 45 minutes.

There are no incisions, and the threads hold in place with their barbs. Once they are placed, the doctor makes a slight compression of the tissues in order to reshape the skin and attain the desired effect. The collagen and elastin production will be stimulated around the threads.

When foreign bodies are inserted beneath the skin, it reacts with a local inflammatory reaction which, when it heals, creates the desired tension effect.

Non-resorbable tensor threads

Regarding permanent tensor threads, the procedure lasts longer and there is no inflammation process. However, the permanent threads counteract gravity, lift the tissues up and block the aging process. The results will last up to 5 to 10 years.


The danger of thread lifts performed by non-medical personnel

Today, aesthetic medicine procedures are quite common and of course, demand is high. But at what cost?

We can see a lot of non-medical individuals performing aesthetic medicine procedures that should only be performed by graduated doctors. This can be really dangerous for the patients.

In this video, I explain why the process of inserting tensor threads is particularly delicate and requires extended medical knowledge to avoid any risks and achieve optimal results.

Insertion of tensor threads

Complete rejuvenation of the face with Croma tensor threads

Treatment of the face, look and neck with Croma tensor threads to produce
biostimulation and retighten tissues.

Cat Eyes or Fox Eyes with APTOS Nano Excellence hyaluronic acid

Tensor threads can be placed to lift the eyebrow tail up and hence open the expression and give the look a deeper and feline aspect.

  • Lifting the tail of the eyebrow
  • Enhancing the cheekbones that tend to sag.
  • Reducing and even removing nasolabial folds (wrinkles between the nose and the mouth)
  • Lifting lip corners
  • Removing jowls and reshaping the jawline
  • Retightening the neck.

The results are even more amazing when we combine tensor threads and hyaluronic acid for a volumizing effect, lip enhancement, hydration of the face, as well as Botox injections for the upper face.

Results are immediate. A bruise can appear after a few days, but it can easily be hidden with a touch of makeup.

L'avis du Dr Benouaiche

Surgery-free rejuvenation of the face

For me, this is part of a facial rejuvenation strategy, especially when we want to work on negative expressions like sadness or fatigue that bother the patients.

Face aging can schematically be analyzed from deep to superficial layers: the facial skeletal support resorbs, deep fat tissues, especially deep malar fat, decrease in volume, and the superficial fat migrates downwards and inward.

Skin ptosis adds up to these changes, resulting in the deepening of tear troughs, nasolabial folds, and marionette lines. Jowls appear and the jawline contours become irregular. Excess skin gradually increases in the neck area.

My facial rejuvenation strategy relies on filling in bone and fat gaps with filling products or fat grafts. Skin ptosis is corrected through restoration of the volumes when possible, using subcutaneous thread lifts for non-surgical techniques, or by performing a face and neck lifting.

Transcutaneous threads are a simple and effective non-surgical solution to correct superficial skin ptosis, fitting naturally into this strategy.

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