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Oxygeneo is a facial treatment technique that combines oxygenation, exfoliation and infusion.

Each care includes two techniques per session:

  • The oxypod is a mixture of ingredients in a suspended state which, when in contact with a gel previously applied on the face, activates for an optimal skin penetration.
  • The serum, applied and activated with an ultrasound probe ( creating a sort of a “ cellular earthquake”) allows for a deep penetration and better effectiveness.

For a naturally brighter, fresher and younger skin

Thanks to its innovative technique, this treatment facilitates a larger influx of oxygen to the skin, promoting its rejuvenation with a radiant and refreshed look.

Oxygeneo, a comprehensive and diverse care

This innovative treatment can respond to several skin needs:

  • Soothing and rebalancing
  • Purifying and protecting
  • Refreshing, reviving and hydrating
  • Unifying and improving pigmenting
  • Rejuvenating and reducing wrinkles

“Whether it’s through activated bamboo’s charcoal, the red algae, the green tea extracts or the prickly pear, each oxypod has the power to give your skin a fresh start, regardless of the specific indications”

A relaxing and personalized treatment

Before the treatment, each patient will receive a rigorous and personalized treatment plan based on their skin, needs and preferences. The team at the clinic is at your disposal to provide you with advice and expertise, both through Dr. Benouaiche’s diagnosis and the treatment conducted by the nurses, Marion and Florian.

A session of Oxygeneo

Each session lasts about 30 minutes and takes place at the medical practice. It is performed by trained and qualified nurses.

For the care to be optimal, it is recommended to undergo three sessions, spaced 2-week apart.

However, as results are immediate, it is also possible to conduct single sessions, for instance before a critical professional event, a night out or a family celebration.

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