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Adipo-Cryo-Apoptosis (literally meaning fat destruction by cold) is a selective, non-invasive, and painless method that targets localized fat tissues.

This technology is based on a proven and documented physical phenomenon (The Peltier effect). A shell-shaped applicator “sucks” (vacuums) the adipose fold, which is then lodged at the bottom of the applicator. Then, a “heat pump”-like mechanism rapidly cools the temperatures of the area.

Whats is Cryoslim?

CRYOSLIM® is a device based on a technology that relies on a long-known physical principle: adipose tissue cells, called adipocytes, are more sensitive than other cells to an extended cold exposure. The goal of the treatment is to reduce targeted fat clusters by destroying adipocytes.

This technique combines vacuum aspiration of adipose fold using a specific handpiece called “Cryode” and cooling it to a negative temperature. Lipids contained in the targeted adipocytes are then crystallized, so they can’t develop anymore. The procedure doesn’t damage adjacent tissues.

The adipocytes are then programmed for a “slow suicide” called “apoptosis” that leads to their elimination by the body without significantly altering blood lipid level (cholesterol, triglycerides…). The skin easily adapts to the resulting morphological changes.

The Cryode allows for vacuum aspiration of the adipose tissue fold and its cooling.

Can I undergo Cryolipolysis?

Cryolipolysis is suitable for adult men and women with localized fat deposits resistant to exercise and well-conducted diets.
It is especially efficient after childbirth, stable weight loss and in post-menopausal female body shape changes. It should never be used for obesity cases that require a specific treatment.

Cryolipolysis: a non-surgical slimming technique using cold

This is a non-invasive technique, an alternative to surgery, with no social eviction and performed in a medical practice… Expected results

What are the risks?

Your practitioner will have you complete an informed consent form in which you will ensure together, point by point, that you are eligible for this treatment.

The CRYOSLIM® device is manufactured in France and meets all required regulations. It is non-invasive and painless, thanks to its physiological suction technique and stable programmed temperatures. Furthermore, the cryodes anatomically adapt to the areas to be treated for maximum comfort and efficiency.

How will the treatment proceed?

Once comfortably positioned, your doctor applies the cryodes to your skin and starts the specific program selected for you on the CRYOSLIM® device.You’ll feel a slight suction meaning that the Cryode is attached to the fat cluster.

During the 60 minutes session, the device will deliver the necessary temperatures required to destroy the adipocytes. You won’t experience any pain besides a slight sensation of hot then cold on the treated area, so that you’ll be able to enjoy your smartphone, read or relax.

At the end of the session, you’ll have a localized massage to stimulate lymphatic drainage and the elimination process, without any restrictions or constraints.

After that, you’ll be able to freely resume all of your activities .

After one session:

  • 30% of the fat is permanently eliminated after 3 months.
  • 40% of the fat is permanently eliminated after 6 months.
  • 93% of the patients are satisfied.
  • 100% of them did not feel any pain during or after the treatment.

Data from the study:

Assessment of the Efficacy of Cryolipolysis on Saddlebags: A Prospective Study of 53 Patients PRS July 2017. Barbara Hersant, M.D. Department of Plastic and Cosmetic Reconstructive Surgery and Maxillofacial Surgery Henri Mondor Hospital (download this study as a pdf file – in English).

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